Essential Skincare Tips For Your Next Winter Sports Holiday

Essential Skincare Tips For Your Next Winter Sports Holiday
It’s officially the peak of ski season, so if you’re a winter sports lover, you could be getting ready to go on your yearly snow adventure. You might believe that you don’t need to worry about your skin while you're wrapped up, but unfortunately, UV radiation and skin dehydration can be a real concern in sunny but snowy climates – especially if you suffer from sensitive, dry or rosacea-prone skin. Therefore, we have curated some of our best winter sports skincare tips to get you ready for your upcoming holiday!

1. Sunscreen

Did you know that radiation exposure increases 4 – 5% with every 1,000 feet above sea level? Therefore, high-quality sun protection is essential when heading out on the slopes, especially on a sunny day. The cold wind on your face can prevent you from feeling the full intensity of the sun on your skin, resulting in you coming home with huge goggle marks from sunburn. Also, the white snow reflects the sunlight which increases your chances of getting sunburnt and increases UV exposure to the face.

It’ll come as no surprise that we would recommend Rosalique – not only does it contain an impressive SPF50, it also contains natural moisturisers and gentle active ingredients to keep your skin protected and well cared for in the sun and the cold. Rosalique is also light and non-comedogenic, so it won’t cause breakouts which many of us may be concerned about after a long day of sweating under our helmets. Finally, Rosalique’s green tint counteracts redness in the face, something we all get during exercise, whilst giving you a lovely, sun-kissed glow. Simply pop our compact tube in your pocket to touch-up throughout the day or right before you hit the après-ski!

PS: your lips are very sensitive and prone to sunburn and dehydration, so get yourself a moisturising lip balm that contains an SPF too!

2. Physical sun barriers

Whilst sun cream is a must for any exposed areas of skin, don’t forget the power of physical sun barriers. Goggles, scarves, cowls and even balaclavas can be a real life-saver if your skin is prone to sunburn or flare-ups - just make sure to wash them regularly, to avoid skin irritation and breakouts. Covering your skin is not only important for your facial skin, but for the rest of your body was well – you’ll most likely get sweaty, leaving any exposed skin even more vulnerable to the cold. Pack light layers so you can easily stay at a comfortable temperature without having to expose your skin to the elements.

3. Hydrating your face

When you exercise, you sweat and lose moisture in your skin. Skiing against the cold, harsh winds can cause even more extreme dehydration. Finding the best enriching daily facial moisturiser is essential for combatting any moisture loss. Remember to stay hydrated from within by drinking plenty of water during your breaks. Dehydrated skin is not only uncomfortable but can also increase your chance of skin damage and wrinkles, so be consistent and top up your skin with rich moisturising treatments in the evenings or even overnight.

4. Invest in a great hand cream

Your hands and feet have a lot to endure during your winter sports activities, so make sure you take good care of them! We recommend Salcura Daily Intensive Hand cream as it is ideal for severely dry hands. It deeply moisturises the skin by soaking in quickly without leaving your hands sticky – plus, it’s completely unscented, so very suitable for sensitive skin. Finally, it comes in a travel-friendly 50ml tube, ready to come out with you on the slopes.

5. Avoid hot showers or long soaks

Lastly, it is important to remember not to take extremely long or hot showers as this can further dehydrate the skin. Also avoid harsh chemical wash products and especially course exfoliants, as they’ll have the same effect. Taking a quick warm shower is all you need to cleanse and warm up, and always moisturise immediately after your shower whilst your skin is still a tiny bit damp.

You can shop Rosalique here to look flawless for your skiing adventure, whilst your skin stays protected.

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